Get your tents ready for Autumn!

By Hari Seddon Aug 30, 2022

Autumn is just around the corner so to help you prepare for the cooler glamping season ahead, we've listed some essential items that you should invest in for your tents.

Tent linings

Up the cosy factor of your accommodation by investing in our insulated tent lining (pictured below) for your guests this Autumn season. Insulated linings are the answer to camping in colder climates. These are made from a thick quilted polyester that traps heat, like wearing a duvet inside your tent. They fit over the centre pole, and clip around the wall poles hugging the interior shape. Combine this with a wood burner, and you could extend your camping season indefinitely (wouldn’t that be something!).

Our inner tents have two main uses - the first being that they're great if you're really trying to make yourself a bug proof bed zone. Secondly, they are also a great accessory for camping with kids. 

We find them really useful with small kids in particular as it provides a space for them to sleep undisturbed, leaving you free to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet when they are in bed. And in the daytime they are great for shoving in all the bedding to keep it from being trampled on. They come with a double layered front door for privacy and a zipped window that lines up with the outer window for air flow, and so you can enjoy the view.

Coir matting

Just like adding in an insulated lining to your tent, the addition of some coir matting will also help to keep the heat in and the cold out! Coir matting has a lovely rustic feel, is very hard-wearing and adds an insulated layer to your floor. These are very popular with Glamping businesses and make a great addition for any semi-permanent pitch. 

They are quite bulky, so not ideal for shorter camping trips, as a 5m mat will take up about half your car boot… For an alternative flooring for travelling use, check out the fleece carpets or recycled polypropylene matting.

They are available in half moons sections for either 4m or 5m tents - you will need two half moon sections to cover the whole floor of your tent.


A Reliable Stove

Name something more comforting than zipping yourself into your tent after a long day hiking and firing up the stove? We’ll wait…

The investment in a stove like the The Frontier Plus Stove by Anevay Stoves will ensure that your guests stay toasty warm no matter the weather. The Frontier Plus is a next-generation portable woodburning stove, and we swear by it.

The Frontier Plus is a portable log burning stove that can be fitted in tents and teepees, or used outside on your deck for adventurous outdoor cooking.

It comes with all the things you need-

  • Glass door, with airwash system so your glass is kept clear at all times
  • An air vent on door allow for optimum temperature control
  • Adjustable legs
  • A 4-inch flue

The 'bigger brother' to the cult favourite Frontier Stove, the original portable woodburning stove, the Frontier Plus has features that make using it and cooking on it easy, fun and efficient. It’s perfect for hardened adventurers and those who've never used a stove before, it makes any camping or outdoor adventure a whole lot more fun.

Tent lighting for the darker mornings and evenings

Let there be light!

We’re proud to stock  a clean-green lighting company who produce these pole lights which are perfect for lighting up your Lotus Belle or bell tent. Fully charged, your light will last up to 8 hours and are made up of 24 long lasting LED lights which give your tent a soft, natural light source. We think that’s a win for everyone- ethical lighting that looks good too.


We’re happy to discuss with you what the best accessories are for your unique needs - just send us an email in the office on

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