Inner Tents

Inner tents are essentially bedroom compartments that clip into your tent. They are lightweight, easy to install, keep out insects and feel super cosy. We recommend these for camping with children as kids often go to sleep much more easily when they are separated in their own enclosed space.

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  • 4m Inner Tent
  • 5m Inner Tent
  • 6m Inner Tents (2 double bedroom)
  • Mahal Inner Tents (3 double bedrooms)

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These have two main uses - they're great if you're really trying to make yourself a bug proof bed zone. And they are also a top accessory for camping with kids. We find them really useful with small kids in particular as it provides a space for the kids to sleep undisturbed, leaving you free to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet when kids are in bed. And in the daytime they are great for shoving in all the bedding to keep it from being trampled on, and stop the tent looking so dang mucky all the time! 

They come with a double layered front door for privacy and a zipped window that lines up with the outer window for air flow, and so you can enjoy the view.

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