Setting up a Glampsite?

According to UK sites that invested in the first batch of Lotus Belles in 2012, they are still going strong. We estimate the working life of a Lotus Belle to be around five years in a rentable condition. This is not to say that the tents wouldn't last longer if looked after. The tents will need to be cleaned and aired regularly and can be repaired easily if necessary. They come with a two-year no quibble guarantee. If kept clean and dry, even with heavy use, the tent will last for many years. Second hand Lotus Belles come up very rarely on eBay and easily fetch at least 50% of their retail value.  

We recommend Original Deluxe model tents for UK Glampsites. They are easy to maintain with wipe clean windows, two doors so you can add a toilet or kitchen access at the rear and a seal in groundsheet to keep the bugs out.

The 4m version suitable for couples starts at £1390 inc VAT, 5m is £1890 inc VAT. 

Nightly rental fee is around £60 - £100 per night so the tent can pay for itself in a matter of weeks and will yield an impressive ROI over its lifespan.

Because they are so quick to pitch and easy to store, many owners keep extra lotus belles, which they can use to meet demand during the summer holidays.

Investing in Lotus Belle Tents should be a no brainer for any land owner serious about turning a profit from glamping. No other highly desirable accommodation presents such a low risk, high return investment.

Event Hire Companies

The Lotus Belle has rapidly come to represent the very essence of boutique camping, transforming the landscape of festival VIP accommodation.

"They are practical, totally unique and have a sustained ‘wow’ factor."

We recommend the Original or Original deluxe models because they are easy to clean and very quick to pitch. Four well trained crew can deploy twenty LB Originals in a day including furnishing. 

A well-furnished tent can attract £1500 a week as a festival V.I.P. pod.

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