Coir Matting

Coir matting has a lovely rustic feel, is very hard wearing and adds an insulated layer to your floor. These are very popular with Glamping businesses and make a great addition for any semi-permanent pitch.

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  • 3m Half moon 3m Half moon
  • 3m Full circle 3m Full circle
  • 4m Half moon 4m Half moon
  • 4m Full circle 4m Full circle
  • 5m Half moon 5m Half moon
  • 5m Full circle 5m Full circle
  • 6m Half moon 6m Half moon
  • 6m Full circle 6m Full circle

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Available in half moons sections for either 4m or 5m tents - you will need two half moon sections to cover the whole floor of your tent: click on the size variants to order 2 at once and save a bit of money.

All mats are 8mm thick. Weights below:

4m Half Moon = 10kg.

5m Half Moon = 17kg.

6m Half Moon = 25kg.

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