What to Pack for Your Glamping Trip

By Hari Seddon Feb 28, 2023

What to Pack for Your Glamping Trip

At Lotus Belle Tents UK, we completely understand the love for glamping. It’s the perfect holiday for people wanting a camping-style experience but with the comfort and luxury of being in a hotel. For us, glamping is so appealing because you can do it all year round - as long as you are prepared….

This brings us to a common glamping query: What should I pack for my glamping trip?! Considering what to pack can really level up your experience… This blog will help you with what to pack in the car for a spring trip, but do read on to discover other essential equipment for a glamping trip regardless of weather.

A high-quality, luxury air tent

Before you set off on your glamping trip, check the facilities and equipment of your chosen location. Some glamping sites will provide accommodation that you can rent, others will have pitches where you can put your own tent. If you’re packing your own tent, consider the quality and ease. A glamping holiday is a holiday, after all. You don’t want to be faffing around with assembly instructions and poles all afternoon.

Our Lotus Belle Air Tents come in two models: Air Bud and Air Belle. These are basically inflatable versions of the Lotus Belle tents, sleeping 2-4 people with lots of headroom and are designed for festivals and weekend breaks. Made from highly durable canvas, Lotus Belle Air Tents are still relatively lightweight, have no central pole and inflate in minutes. It’s also worth noting that they also come in a durable wheelie bag, which makes it super easy for pulling into the perfect spot and inflating with the pump provided with the tent.

Tent porch 

When you have your Lotus Belle tent set up, you might think you don’t need a tent porch but think again. Tent porches are a nifty way to expand the camping space, protecting those underneath from rain. When you think you’ve had enough time in your tent - or you just want to get away from the kids for half an hour! - a porch provides the ideal location to relax with a book. You could also use this space to sit on camping chairs and cook or store things like boots and shoes, protecting the inside of the tent from the dirt you may have brought back on the day's adventures.


Whether you’re glamping for one night or a week, you’ll want to pack a good-quality, safe and portable stove to help you keep warm. We stock a range of Anevay Stoves because they double up as camping stoves and outdoor log burners and we highly recommend them! Anevay outdoor wood-burning stoves are durable, surprisingly pleasing to the eye, and can be carried anywhere. The Original Frontier Stove can be fitted inside your tent and used for adventurous outdoor cooking.

If you’re wondering whether to pack the kids in the car as well, read this blog post to discover why glamping with the kids is a great idea!

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