Glamping with the kids is a great idea

By Hari Seddon Jan 27, 2023

It’s old news that camping is a fantastic way to entertain the kids, but glamping?! You might be surprised that bringing the kids on your luxury camping trip isn’t such a terrible idea. The trick is to be prepared. Here are our top tips for glamping with kids.

Keep it social

Kids will easily entertain themselves in the outdoors, and camping (or glamping!) offers the perfect excuse to get them out in nature, running around and exploring. Whether you’re setting off with your Lotus Belle tent in the boot, or taking a trip to a glamping site, researching where you’ll stay is key. The best child-friendly campsites have a playground or structured kids’ activities to help keep restless hands and legs occupied. At the very least, they’ll have other children staying in the campsite which can be great if going camping with other families isn’t an option. If you’re planning to load up your own Lotus Belle in the car, you might want to stay near a tourist attraction or where there are activities for kids.

Pick the right tent

If you’re taking your own tent, getting the best tent for glamping is essential. When taking the kids glamping, you’ll obviously want a tent that sleeps everyone comfortably and has room for all your camping gear. Our 4m Hybrid Deluxe models comfortably sleep 4 people, with a seal-in groundsheet to keep bugs out, and a second doorway which could be used as a rear entrance into a kitchen or toilet. Convenient roll down blinds or a dark roof cover mean that children can be put to bed or have daytime naps whilst the adults stay up without too much disruption... The high quality canvas of Lotus Belles is waterproof, and keeps the inside of the tent warm at night yet cool when the sun is beaming down.

There’s no reason why cold weather should stop the happy campers. Camping with kids in the winter is perfectly cosy. Make sure you’re all sleeping in a high quality, luxury tent with good insulation, groundsheets and windows with mesh covers to stop bugs getting inside. You could even add a lining for an extra snug feel. With a Lotus Belle, you’re in sturdy, safe hands.

Check out our handy tool on our website to help you choose your perfect Lotus Belle tent.

Style it out with the kids

Kids will love helping to build the tent - at least for the first 20 minutes! We have a very sweet video of an 8-year-old putting up his mums’ tent. (And lots of other good videos on our Youtube if you want to get them excited for glamping) 

Try and give each child a job they’ll enjoy doing. Older children could collect wood for a fire, while young children might enjoy getting all the cups out of the car. Undoubtedly, the children will find it fun making their sleeping area their own, with cosy bedding, their favourite fluffy toy and a book and a torch hidden underneath their pillows.

Start planning your next family adventure and make memories in your Lotus Belle for years to come.

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