Key items for Spring.

By Hari Seddon May 23, 2022

1. Organic SPF by Green People - We were looking for an all-over, everyday SPF to wear all year round and we came across Green People. They create natural, safe, organic sun cream for even the most sensitive skin to protect you from the sun’s rays whilst out on your glamping adventures. Rich in antioxidants such as green tea, rosemary and edelweiss extract, this SPF contains UV filters and gives unbeatable, broad spectrum protection. Don’t forget to pack this great product in your hiking pack, beach bag and saddle pack.

2. Off the grid power via solar technology - When it comes to glamping, we like to go completely off the grid, which means that our power supply needs to be strong. Our 30KW solar panels provide off-the-grid power options for your glamping experience. This panel is compatible with the 100+ power pack to keep it topped up all weekend or longer if the sun is on your side. The power pack can be easily unplugged from this solar panel and carried to a mains source to top up the charge, but the solar panel is designed to trickle feed the power pack for longer, enabling phone and tablet charging, USB powered lights, and even a mains 240v socket for laptops. Buy yours here.

3. A top end cooler for your Spring picnics - The king of cool boxes and our personal favourite, the Yeti Tundra 45. With its sturdy and versatile design, it’ll be the plus one to all your BBQ’s this Summer season, and your friends will thank you for it. It’s built to last, and its 2 inch thick insulation will keep your kombucha ice-cold even in the hottest climates you dare to luxury camp in. Cheers to that!

4. Hot drinks on the go! - If you’re an avid coffee drinker then you’ll know how important that first cup is in the morning to set you up for the day - and glamping should be no exception. For a quality brew on the go, the GSI Outdoors Mini Espresso Set is your new best friend! This compact and lightweight - weighing just 300g - espresso maker allows you to brew strong coffee on the go. It comes with a carry case and a double-walled cup to keep your coffee hotter for longer - a winner all round in our books.

5. Cook like a pro on an Anevay Stove - For us, there’s nothing we love more than a cup of tea on the beach after a refreshing sea dip. That’s why we recommend Anevay Stoves. These high-quality, portable stoves are our top choice for cooking-on-the-go. The Original Frontier Stove is an outdoor log burner & camping stove perfect for cooking up a storm for your hungry friends and family. It can be fitted in tents, yurts and used for adventurous outdoor cooking - Don’t forget your organic cacao for the evenings!

6. Comfort and warmth for the evenings - Wrap yourself in the comfort and warmth of a Night Owl Sherpa Fleece Outdoor Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company. The fluffy filling is expertly made from 100% Smartfil Polyester from recycled PET bottles so you’re doing your bit for the planet when you buy one of these cosy comforters. Recently seen on world traveler, Where’s Mollie’s Instagram. This super-soft outdoor comforter will keep you toasty warm when the evenings are cooler. Whether you’re using it around the campfire, after a sea swim - its outer layer is made from Teflon EcoElite™ technology for water-resistance - or just to curl up and dive into a good read you’ll love this water resistant fleece blanket. A luxury camping must-have if we do say so ourselves!

7. A cosy glamping robe - An extra layer of warmth to slip into from the pool to the shower! One of our favourites is the Unisex Organic Waffle Robe by ethical brand Coyuchi. They say it’s “The classic spa robe, reinvented” - Sounds dreamy, we’ll take a hundred! The airy waffle weave is made of 100% organic cotton sourced and woven in Turkey. The best part? It has been pre-tumbled to be soft from day one and gets more so with every wash. This brand is fully GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard)  certified meaning that your garments are safe and kind to the planet. See their impressive list of sustainable certifications here. If you fancied really treating yourself they also sell luxury loungewear that would be perfect for a weekend away in a Lotus Belle if you’re treating yourself to some rest, recuperation and self-love.

8. The Lotus Belle extra wide roof cover - Here’s all the reasons why we love it! It protects our tents from the elements; UV rays, water, tree sap, sun exposure, especially when Spring is urging the trees and shrubs that may be near your tent to shed onto your canvas. They increase the lifespan of your tent, meaning that you can enjoy the adventures you’ll have with your Lotus Belle for even longer! Follow the link here to get one for your tents, please note that there is limited stock available in the Green Lotus Leaf pattern, in sizes 4/5/6m.

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