Alfresco spaces inspo.

By Hari Seddon Aug 15, 2022

The Mela Canopy is the perfect outdoor structure for all your alfresco entertaining this season! Whether you are a glampsite owner looking to expand your Lotus Belle family, a maid of honour searching for the ideal venue to host a bridal shower, or a couple wanting to throw a huge outdoor dinner party for their friends (to name a few)...

Alfresco dining 

Turn your garden, terrace or patio into an outdoor haven of peace and tranquillity - basically, the perfect place to throw a Summer dinner party and make the most of the warm evenings. After putting up your Mela, add big lanterns and soft furnishings to create an inviting space that makes your guests feel relaxed and cosy. 

Design a memorable night by putting on a lavish, candlelit spread for them on their first night’s stay. If you’re hoping to encourage people to mingle and make friends, adding long trestle tables creates a community feel to your dining area.

The Mela Canopy spans 11 metres in diameter offering a 7m wide covered area. The canopy does not have any side walls, allowing through flow of air, and providing plenty of space for larger gatherings. It is designed to look like a giant, wall-less Lotus Belle tent and can also be used to ‘link up’ communal spaces between tents. 


When it comes to parties of all shapes and sizes, The Mela is always super accommodating. Offer your guests a unique party experience by taking the indoors out! There’s plenty of space for tables, and for a relaxed festival style twist, think fluffy bean bags, sofas, coffee tables and lamps. There’s more than enough space for a long table on the ground for guests to sit cross legged and enjoy refreshments. These canopies are great when you’ve got a large group of friends around or a "or a number of families that you're going camping with that you’re going camping with. You can split the cost and quadruple the fun!

For community events, hen do’s and baby showers

If you’re blessed with lots of space on your glampsite you could utilise the way that the Mela Canopy allows you to ‘link up’ the space between your tents to create a Lotus Belle village. 

These open tent structures are adaptable to every type of occasion that you can think of from baby showers, to bridal parties, mini festivals to kid’s birthday parties. Your only limit is your events calendar… Have a closer look at the Mela Canopy here.

Top tip from Lotus Belle: Club together and grab a Mela to hang out under when a bunch of you go camping!

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