Here comes Summer glamping!

By Hari Seddon Jun 20, 2022

After what has seemed like the longest, wettest winter-spring-winter we’ve had in a while, Summer is finally with us! If you’ve ever wondered what luxury glamping tent designers immediately think of doing when glamping in the Summer, well, read on to find out…


In our opinion, having an activity of a healthy sort in the day (bracing walk, exploring the local area) means we fully deserve toasting up some marshmallows for Smore’s! It’s a classic fireside treat for children (of all ages) made even more indulgent when using your favourite chocolate and the biggest marshmallows you can find. No, it won’t look glamorous to eat but it’s worth it.


Summer nights also bring us clearer, less hazy skies so that we have a better view of the Milky Way - provided you know what you’re looking for, that is. Our Stargazer models were designed so you could see a lot more of the great outdoors while you are technically indoors while outdoors, which is particularly useful if you have a small child who is desperate to sleep outside and you’re not keen. (If you’re specifically iInterested in stargazing, then grab a cuppa and check out our stargazing and glamping article)

Self Care

Solo glamping is one of our most-loved forms of self care. If you’re able to slip away from the family for a get-away just for you (or you and your best friend), it’s especially powerful in the summertime. The lighter mornings mean that it is easier for us to wake up naturally with the daylight - our top tip is leave the clip-on curtains of your Stargazer off to benefit from the earlier sunrise and sync up your internal body clock.

Some joy-giving morning activities we absolutely suggest if you’re looking to get back in touch with yourself are morning yoga sessions (there’s plenty of space for your warriors and downward dogs), or breathwork, journaling gratitude practice and writing down your affirmations, mindfully making a nourishing breakfast or listening to a podcast uninterrupted.


Back to food for a moment though. We enjoy the thrill of cooking outdoors and foraging for your dinner. There’s something truly special about exploring the land and finding the treasures that nature has to offer to spruce up your dinner. There is a Ray Mears survival expert in all of us! For top foraging tips and safety precautions, take a read of the blog we wrote in the Spring. And don’t worry if you can’t find anything and have to rely on shop bought supplies, it’s the fun of the hunt that matters!

We cook on The Frontier Plus Stove which is one we stock and recommend made by Anevay Stoves.  Crucially, it is lightweight and portable so we can cook on the beach, in the fields or in the garden - depending on where we pitch our Lotus Belle of course.

Alfresco Parties

Also, just to take a moment to recognise that it’s not always about yoga or overnight stays in a tent. We love to have people over and if you’ve got a Summer dinner party coming up, The Mela is always a fabulous talking point- once you can get people to stop taking pictures of it, that is.

It is essentially a giant Lotus Belle roof, which is designed to create a 'linked up' communal space between several Lotus Belle tents or stand alone as an outdoor entertaining space. It makes for a great cooking or dining area, or just somewhere to sit with friends undercover to enjoy the balmy Summer evenings. This has rescued us many a time as we all know how varied the weather can be in the great British Summertime…

Top tip from us over at Lotus Belle HQ: Why not club together with your faithful fellow campers, and grab a mela for a communal space between your tents on all your camping trips! - spread the cost and share the space!

Special Spaces

If you have a family, children or grandchildren alike, with large gardens, we’re also talking to you. If you’re taking care of your little ones these upcoming Summer holidays, then investing in a Lotus Belle tent makes a great outdoor playhouse for them. We’ve seen many ingenious ideas put to good use and as parents ourselves, we can confirm it’s handy to have that extra space (and not just because the house didn’t look like it had been hit by a whirlwind)

Set up a tea party, slumber party or home cinema to keep them entertained for hours and create the summer that you’ll all remember for the right reasons. If you’re thinking of adding a Lotus Belle to your garden but are unsure of which particular one, we recommend the 4M Hybrid. There’s all the space of our usual Lotus Belle but it’s easier to put up and take down, so those little hands that like to help will find it easy to get involved.

If you’re looking for some styling inspiration for your sleepovers, The Little Hippy Tent Company has all the great ideas, as well as our own Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Brush up on the travel trends for 2022 and how this will affect the glamping industry. Or if you’re looking for an outdoor entertainment space, give ‘captivating canopies’ a read - it’s sure to win over your hearts!

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