How to: Create festival tent vibes in three steps.

By Hari Seddon Jul 19, 2022

With Glastonbury as inspiration, we couldn’t be more excited to see how you decorate your glamping tents this festival season! As frequent festival-goers ourselves, we get a huge buzz out of planning our trip, finding the perfect pitching spot and shopping around for the most colourful, ‘out there’ outfits we can find. If we could, we’d make every day a festival day - wouldn't that be fun?!

Step one - Invest in the right tent

For festivals we recommend our lightweight, compact and highly portable ‘Air Tents’. There are two models in the air tent range, the Air Bud and the Air Belle. Let’s look at them a little more closely.

The Lotus Air Bud - 

These models are basically a miniature version of the Lotus Belle. This is a two man tent (or more if you're ok with being cosy!) designed for festivals and weekend breaks. It is relatively lightweight using an umbrella mechanism to remove the requirement for a central pole. The Lotus Bud comes with a porch as standard. As this tent has no centre pole it will easily fit a double air bed, and will sleep 2 - 3 people comfortably with room to spare for bags and boots etc. The inner tents are also available to fit into the rear section of the tent for a really cosy camping experience. 

Both tents come with a pump, and come in a dark green Lotus Belle branded bag with wheels on it, what more could you possibly want? Putting this up on the campsite generates swarms of intrigued campers around you so be prepared to have your tents in lots of pictures.

The Lotus Air Belle - 

It's the tent you've all been waiting for! And it really is as good as we'd hoped - or better… No centre pole, no faffing, no effort! Just roll it out, pump it up, put in a few pegs, and get inside. This tent will fit everything you need, and it comes with a hood above the door to keep the rain out, and even better, the porch is included as standard.

Step two - Finding the right spot to pitch on site.

We’ve all been there. Arrived late. All the good pitches are taken and you’re stuck on the end by the portaloos. NOT our idea of luxury camping! As we know, luxury camping at gigs is not just about having the right accommodation and making it look pretty, the location has to be suitable too. So, our second step for creating the ultimate festival tent vibes is more of a list of top tips really. 

When it comes to scouting the perfect pitch spot there are few things that we like to take into consideration:

  1. How far away are the nearest toilets?
  2. Are we in a good spot to soak up all the festival atmosphere?
  3. Will our neighbours keep us up all night long?
  4. How long will the walk take us to get into the main festival area?
  5. If you have small children, what do they need, and are you near other children?

We recommend meeting up with your co-glampers ahead of time to discuss these points and also arrive with more time than you need on the first day so you can have your pick of the plots.

If you've been thinking about investing in a Lotus Belle tent for your summer festivals but wanted to try before you buy, then read on. Portobello Farm Glastonbury has a huge collection of tents set up at lots of British festivals, ready for you to enjoy to save you time and space however you travel to events. 

When you glamp with them you’ll be staying with a company who understands your every need, so that you can see the space, size and functionality of the tents before you buy one of your own!

Step three - Go crazy on the eco-friendly decor!

In this instance in festival life, less is definitely NOT more. More is more. Think big, think bold. Think bright and colourful. We’re talking eco-friendly glitter, sustainable bunting, vegan latex balloons and solar powered fairy lights!

For all your kind-to-the-planet decorating needs, we love The Original Party Bag Company. They provide everything from eco tableware to eco party bag fillers.

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