Top 4 Inspirational Lotus Belle Interiors - Spring 2023

By Hari Seddon Apr 24, 2023

As the glamping season starts in the UK, we wanted to share a list of fabulous interiors we’ve seen, to help any of you struggling for interior design inspiration.

Blend warm daytime colours with cool nighttime hues to maximise the magic of a Lotus Belle Stargazer tent. The transparent roof panels not only let in natural light during bright spring days and on lighter evenings but also allow campers to enjoy the starry skies inside the warmth and comfort of one of the most luxurious tents for camping. These plush sofas look so inviting and guests will be desperate to visit your glampsite when you take luxury glamping to the next level like this. Thanks for the inspirational interior shot, Stargazer Glamping.

Take inspiration from your glamping tent’s natural surroundings -  just like GlampingWelt and Lotus Belle Glamping Tents EU. In plenty of high street shops (or online), you’ll manage to find good quality faux flowers so you’re not needing to refresh foliage every few days. Saying that, if you fancy elevating the inspiration nature provides for your luxury tent interiors, forage around and see what you can find. 

Just because you’ve decided to add durable coir matting to the floor of your Lotus Belle tent doesn’t mean you need to compromise on comfort. Laying rugs can really enhance the cosy, escape-from-the-world experience, making your camping tents not only durable but luxurious, too. Stargazer tents really benefit from soft furnishings so your guests can make the most of clear, starry nights. We love this photo, Glamping Welt.

If you’re looking for a luxury tent for events check out our Lotus Mahal. It’s essentially a small luxury marquee in the same style as a Lotus Belle. Is your event happening in a cooler climate? Then you’ll need to consider keeping stationary guests warm. Lotus Experiences have nailed it with sheepskin-lined chairs in this chic dining setup.

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