Top 3 Considerations for Setting up a Glamping Site

By Hari Seddon Oct 04, 2022

So you’ve spent the summer thinking about setting up a luxury camping business. You’ve visited camp sites across the country and gathered ideas, you’ve been to The Glamping Show and you’re about to order your Lotus Belle tents. 

Whilst you’re planning the logistics of setting up your own glampsite, you might also want to consider these out-of-the-box considerations.

Let Your Pitch Location Inspire You

You may have an idea of your dream glamping site in mind, but let nature be your guide when planning your glamping business. How does your glamping pitch inspire you? Does the pitch at the end of your garden incite cosy campfire evenings or is that vacant field nearby yearning to be a festival glamping site? Considering the accessibility of your pitch will also determine possibilities of your glamping site. Can you envisage DJ equipment, food stalls and toilet facilities to be brought on- and offsite over the summer or is your pitch more suited to being set up once and kept that way?

If you’re planning on summer being your location’s peak season, you’ll need to have the means to protect visitors and any musicians or vendors from the sunshine (and the inevitable British rain). Are there trees that will offer dappled shade? Do you have space to put up a gorgeous Mela canopy?

Perhaps a campfire-focused glamping site is more your vibe. Be wary of setting up fire pits beside condensed woodland and ensure there’s easy access to water nearby.

Have a 12-month View

When choosing a location for a glamping site, you’ll also need to consider how the immediate environment changes with the seasons. For example:

  • Setting up glamp beside water can be appealing, but be aware of the chances of flooding and ensure land by the water isn’t boggy. 
  • If your glamping site is nestled under trees, be aware of leaf fall as this impacts how you care for your tents.
  • Fields can become a fire hazard during hot, dry months. Fire-performers and fire pits might not be as suitable in the summer as in the rest of the year.

Appeal to Your Guests

This may sound obvious, and you will have undoubtedly done your market research to find your target glamping guests, but you also need to consider how you’ll continue to appeal to them when they’re onsite. If you imagine children frequenting your glamping site, you’ll need playing facilities. Board games, a climbing frame and a log or tyre swing suspended from a tree all make for excellent children’s activities. Other visitors might appreciate a quiet area with a book depository library and some might want to get a feel for the surrounding area with local guides. Appeal to digital natives and older generations alike by printing guides and uploading them to a QR code for digital access.

We all know that the joy of glamping is that accommodation feels spacious, so the key to appealing to guests time and time again is to provide luxury tents. A Lotus Belle tent has a fantastic return on investment. Whether you’re looking to comfortably accommodate small families or groups of friends, or seeking a luxurious option for a couple, we recommend to most UK glamping sites a 5m Lotus Belle, which starts at £2,170 inc.VAT.

If you want to accommodate just couples then take a look at our perfect all-rounders: our 4m Original Deluxe Lotus Belle (£1,670 inc.VAT) and our 4m Lotus Belle Stargazer (£1,940 inc.VAT).

We commonly see sites with rates of £90-£130 per night for smaller sized Lotus Belles,, and it’s often more for the Stargazer because of its unique clear roof panels. Say you purchased the 4m Stargazer and charged £130 per night- you’ll only need to rent it out for 14.9 days to get back your investment.

If you opt for a 6m Lotus Belle Stargazer and charge £210 per night - you’ll only need to rent it out for 15.6 days to get back your investment. 

Whatever your nightly rate- it’s clear that the return on investment is far quicker than other options out there. Let your Lotus Belle do the hard work for you: our luxury, comfortable accommodation will have guests coming back for more.

You’ve Got This!

Lotus Belle is here for you for any questions you may have, we're happy to help and we’re all cheering you on.

Do you have more questions? Get in touch using, we’d love to help you start your journey.

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