4m Original Deluxe

Two fully openable zipped PVC windows with zipped canvas roll down blinds

Deluxe models include a velcro 'seal in' ground sheet

4m Original Deluxe

Original Deluxe models have two doors and two PVC windows with canvas roll down blinds, they also include a seal-in groundsheet to keep out bugs.

The canvas material is waterproof yet breathable minimising condensation. It keeps in warmth at night but stays cool inside when the sun is hot. The windows and blinds can be fully opened to allow a good through-flow of air which keeps the tent very comfortable inside.

  • Our bespoke canvas [380 GSM fire, water and rot resistant] 
  • Seal in ‘bath tub’ style ground sheet [540 GSM PVC]
  • 3 meter wooden center pole
  • 2 zipped PVC windows with zipped canvas roll down blinds
  • 2 large zipped doorways
  • 12 square meters of useable standing space
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Box One - 110x35x40cm (30kg) : Box Two - 100x35x25cm (33kg)

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Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough about this tent for festivalling


The best tent ever. Beautiful, practical, comfortable.

By Nordzin Pamo

We so love our lotus belle. It does everything a tent should do - and so elegantly. Reasonably quick and easy to put up for its size and the excellent quality of the canvas. Once it is up it doesn't move or creak or rustle, and copes with all weathers. Have I said how elegant and beautiful it is...! Campsite owners will love you for gracing their campsite with your beautiful tent.
My only tiny personal minus point, is that I wish the windows were next to the front door. We like to have our 2 camp beds either side of the tent and leave the centre free as an open space. The placement of the windows means it's impossible to avoid putting the beds in front of the windows.

Our second tent will be arriving soon!

By sweethursday

As new campsite owners we want to offer a yurt-like experience for our guests. We bought our first Lotus Belle tent just before Christmas, and with our usual boundless enthusiasm we immediately pitched it in the garden. With two of us it took about an hour to pitch. In future it will be much quicker as we now have the guys tied in place. We furnished inside with a table for ten, a christmas tree, fairy lights, and a wood burning stove, and invited our friends round for dinner. They were delighted to come inside where it was super warm and cozy. We also had a night in the tent, this was in January when the temperature was below freezing all night, with the stove and an electric blanket we were toasty warm.

The tent is really good quality, we are confident it will meet our needs this summer for our guests. So confident that our second tent will be arriving soon!

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