Glampsite Winter Preparation

By Hari Seddon Oct 19, 2022

The nights may be drawing in but that doesn’t mean your glamping season has to.

If you’re looking to extend your bookings into autumn and winter, it’s no problem. With the correct provisions, you can make your tents cosy and inviting. There’s no reason why your glampsite can’t be as popular in cooler months as in the warmer months.

Luxurious Tent Linings

Lining the interior of your tent is a great way to add a layer of insulation. Cocoon linings fit over the centre pole and easily clip onto the wall poles, hugging the interior shape of the tent. The effect is an insulating air gap between the interior lining and the outer shell of the tent. Adding a lining is a subtle way of ensuring a little bit of extra warmth for your tent and also makes the inside of a Lotus Belle look super luxurious!

For glampsites situated in cooler climates (and owners wishing to remain open throughout winter), we recommend purchasing an insulated lining. They are made from a thick quilted polyester that effectively traps heat. Like the cocoon linings, they fit over the centre pole and clip around the wall poles, hugging the interior shape of your tent. Imagine a big, cosy duvet covering the whole of the inside of the tent - yes please!


You’ve wrapped the walls, now it’s time to keep guests’ feet toasty. Layering your flooring instantly provides better insulation. PVC floors come as standard in all Lotus Belle tents with our 'bathtub style', super thick groundsheets, but for added maximum underfoot comfort, lay coir matting on top of the PVC and then dress with a rug. The coir matting is very hard-wearing so covering it with a rug softens the aesthetic. For those seeking an extra cosy feel, a fleece carpet gives a soft underfoot feel. We have a fleece carpet to suit any Lotus Belle tent: 3m, 4m, 5m or 6m. Can you tell we take staying warm very seriously?


Whilst lighting in your Lotus Belle tent won’t provide much additional warmth, the atmosphere afforded by the lighting will help keep your tent feeling cosier for longer. Soft, warm lighting is much more relaxing than cool, clinical lighting and adds to the luxury glamping experience. These pole lights are ideal for lighting your Lotus Belle tent. They’re made by a green, clean company we’ve partnered with and will keep your tent lit for up to 8 hours.


Giving guests access to extra pillows, cushions and blankets (even electric ones) will help glampers feel more comfortable on cooler evenings. Perhaps you could stock woolly hats, gloves, welly liners or socks in your reception area or gift shop for guests to purchase if they’ve forgotten to pack these insulating essentials.

We’d love to help you decide on the accessories you need going into this cooler season. Contact us today and we’ll get back to you soon.

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