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Roof covers are essential if you are pitching under or near trees, they are made from fully machine washable nylon. These are the same shape as the canvas roof of the Lotus Belle and act as a shield to protect the canvas from falling tree sap, animal droppings and UV damage. They come as standard or heavy duty (pro) versions, in a variety of materials, colours and patterns to suit.

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Make your tent stand out from the other Lotus Belle's if you find yourself near some other like minded customers. 

Also, your tent is already fully waterproof, of course - but you can add an extra layer of UV and rain protection with one of these polyester hats - you could even have a different hat to suit your mood :)

Available in various colours/ patterns, please choose from options above.

The mandala pattern design are hand drawn by Bristol textiles designer Emma Fallon.

Please be aware these may fade / become brittle with sustained use as they are absorbing all the UV damage.

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