4 Reasons a Lotus Belle Tent is Perfect for Campervanners

By Hari Seddon Mar 31, 2023

The sun is out, spring is springing and you’re off in the campervan! But what tent should you pack? The beauty of a Lotus Belle tent is that it’s a luxury tent you can take anywhere, so fling it in the boot and find your next adventure.

A Lotus Belle is a lightweight, portable tent

If you’re looking for a lightweight tent you can take anywhere, look no further than a Lotus Belle Air Bud or Air Belle model. These are basically inflatable air tent versions of the Lotus Belle but are lighter as they are made of a different canvas to our standard tents and have no central pole. They’re all the gorgeousness you’d expect from one of our designs, with the lowest level of stress.

Our air tents fold up and fit into a large holdall that measures 55 x 40 x 85cm, so you’ll easily fit it into one of your van storage spots. For you pole tent owners, if you decide to use one of our banana bags you might need to sacrifice a bigger cupboard- but the pay off for that is that it’s easier to carry if you’re not pitching right outside your vehicle.

A Lotus Belle is quick and easy to put up

You might be searching for tents that are easy to put up, in which case our inflatable air tents are just what you need. All our Air models have a pump included, and the air tents inflate in minutes. You’ll be extra-grateful for this easy-to-put-up tent when the heavens open- and yes, that is the voice of experience!

A Lotus Belle is durable

Lotus Belle tents are incredibly durable. A standard Lotus Belle is made from 380gsm fully coated waterproof, fire-, UV- and rot-resistant canvas which is one of the reasons our tents last so much longer than other bell tents. 

The groundsheets of our Lotus Belles are made from 540gsm PVC, the same material boat covers and lorry curtains are made from, so when you invest in a Lotus Belle, you’re investing in quality craftsmanship with the reassurance you’re not going to be swamped at the first sign of rain or snow.

Eyeing up an Air Belle? All our air tents are more lightweight, as we use a lighter 190gsm canvas as these are designed for shorter weekend trips, festivals and short breaks. Rest assured they are also coated with treatments for waterproof, fire- UV- and rot resistance.

If you’re a hardcore van camper out there all weeks in all weathers, you should check out our roof covers and cocoon linings to help extend the life of whichever tent you choose. In our air tents the ground sheet is sewn-in - to keep bugs and rain out.

A Lotus Belle is sociable

Our Lotus Belle air tent models (the Air Bud and Air Belle) sleep between two to four people. With the additional space of the beds in your campervan, a Lotus Belle is a good accompaniment to your campervan trips. The Air Bud and Air Belle comes with a porch as standard, and you can purchase a porch for any other Lotus Belle tent, to extend the space. Face the porches inwards and erect a canopy between the tents and the van, and you’ve got an intimate, luxurious area protected from the elements - just make sure you pack enough camping chairs and entertainment for everyone! (Well, you’ll have to do something once you’ve finished taking pictures of how beautiful it is)

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