Winter Camping in 2021

By Hari Seddon Sep 27, 2021

Starry skies, cozy clothes, simmering stoves — winter glamping is back. Campsites have great rates during the winter months, and many UK glamping spots are well-prepared for the cold, with festive events and family activities. We’ve written up a list of tips for the best winter camping and glamping experiences, so you can focus on what’s important: chocolate and marshmallows over the bonfire

This list is useful for people staying at glampsites with the tents fully equipped and ready as well as the adventurous types who love to take the whole shebang with them and pitch their Lotus Belle themselves.

Check your kit is cool

Make sure your kit is ready to be brought out of hibernation. Check and condition your hiking boots, confirm your down jacket still fits and still zips, ensure any waterproofs are still living up to their name…. and charge your fancy GPS!

We don’t care what the weather says, if you’re winter glamping in the UK you should expect rain! A waterproof is essential, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Sleeping Situations

If you’re staying at a winter glampsite and know you’re worried about being cold, call ahead of time and ask for extra blankets and a hot water bottle. Check the tent you’ve reserved has a lining for maximum snugness.

If you’re bringing your own sleeping gear, check your sleeping bag is 4 seasons-suitable, is clean and dry, and has a pair of snuggly socks hidden in there for emergencies. A sleeping mat will also stop the ground from conducting away your heat as well as offering cushioning.

Pack head torches. 

The evenings draw in very quickly and you’ll want to be able to see where you’re going, whether you’re going on an evening stroll around the countryside or a midnight trip to the facilities. It’s also a fun way to add a sense of adventure for the kids!

Pack Layers.

Lots of thinner layers will keep you warmer than one chunky knit. You also have more control over your warmth instead of ‘not quite warm enough’ or ‘too warm’ with one big layer. An additional bonus is that if you get wet, those smaller layers will dry off more quickly.

Personal comfort.

Pack SPF, moisturiser and lip balm if you use it. Winter sunburn can still happen, especially on bright windy winter days.

This list continues after this image shared by @okaupatagoniaysen on Instagram.

Most Important Meal of the Day.

Any winter glamp site worth its chips will have a stove in each tent- the Winnerwell ones are great, or maybe even a traveller from Anevay, both of which a flat top to boil a kettle for your hot water-bottle or hot chocolate to warm up the kids in the evening. Cooking whole meals is best kept to outside otherwise you'll be making muck and grease inside your tent, but we love to make a meal outside on the fire and bring it in to keep warm on the stove top.

While we’re on the subject of food, think about things that are easy to cook. Popcorn is easy to make on campfires, so consider diversifying your snacks away from the classic marshmallow toasting. You can make a bag out of foil, put the kernels in with a knob of butter and tuck it at the edge of your campfire. And nothing beats a banana with chocolate in - wrapped in tinfoil with chocolate buttons poked in to the centre, yum

Remember your body needs energy to stay warm, so keep fuel in the tank. 


Just because it’s colder, don’t let it stop you from doing things you’d do when glamping in the summer! There is a magic that comes with winter glamping. One of our best winter glamping experiences featured a hot tub, champagne, and a hilarious (and invigorating) dash to our lovely warm Lotus Belle. 

Glamping in the off season can bring romance to country walks where there’s no other humans as far as the eye can see, a poetry to a quiet country pubs with a roaring fire, and a deeply serene feeling of waking up to watch the mist lift before heading into the nearest town to see the sights without any crowds.

If you’d like to look at winter glampsites we recommend checking here for both pitches and tents available for booking all year round. 

If you’re taking your own Lotus Belle on a winter glamping adventure then have a look at our accessories page to check you’ve got everything you need to ensure a comfortable time.

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