Why you should try glamping this year!

By Hari Seddon Jan 12, 2023

Glamping is an outdoor camping experience that combines the beauty of nature with luxury bohemian accommodation. It’s a unique way to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort and with a far reduced affect on the local environment compared to say, a luxury hotel.

Unlike traditional camping, glamping provides amenities such as soft furnishings like carpets, bedding, and other modern conveniences for a more luxurious experience. 

If it’s your first time glamping, summer is the perfect time to explore and experience the great outdoors. Who doesn’t want sunny days when exploring the countryside, and warm nights for toasting marshmallows? 

Glamping in a Lotus Belle is the way to go - and we’re not just saying that. Our tents have full standing height and even our smallest can fit a full size double bed in!

In case you need more persuasion, here’s our top list of 5 reasons to try glamping in 2023.


With the beautiful scenery, refreshing breeze and being in the great outdoors, it’s the quickest route to feeling healthy while on holiday! If you’re big into country walks, why don't you stay at a glamping site with amenities like hot tubs- it's the optimal way to wind down after being active. 


Most glampsites are either independent or small independent groups. By choosing them over a hotel chain you are helping maintain the livelihoods of real people as well as helping their local economy, as those people shop locally and hire staff locally. 


Chances are you’ll have decent reception on your devices wherever you stay- but this is a great opportunity to put down the screen and rest those eyes. Have a digital detox while learning new skills like map reading, whittling, campfire cooking and more. Or, at least you can catch up on your reading if the countryside skillset doesn’t appeal as strongly!


Following on from switching off, but for your ears. We’re so used to the hubbub of residential life, but when you wake up on a glampsite, there won’t be the sound of rush hour traffic or your neighbour blaring the news at 6am. There may be some aggressive bird song, or the soft sound of morning rain, but the silence and calm is incredibly restorative.


Due to the nature of glamping, chances are the location is likely to be a little rural, so toilet and shower facilities will be built on site, and the majority of them will operate with as low impact to the environment as possible. 

In addition, as part of our mission to rid the world of disposable tents we have chosen the highest quality materials, components and manufacturing processes for our tents. Glampsites who have Lotus Belle tents are highly likely to be eco-minded in their approach too! 

It’s also worth mentioning that tents can simply be taken down, cleaned, and put into storage. No need to knock any walls down, and no waste generated.

 Lotus Belle tents are designed to last for years with good care and maintenance. We have clients who still have their first tents purchased from us, 10 years later and still going strong!

If you would like to lean more about our tents, you can browse the full range here.

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