Top 5 reasons glamping is more eco conscious than a hotel.

By Hari Seddon Aug 04, 2022

Many holiday-makers are now turning to staycations for their getaway rather than going abroad, a trend that we started to see emerging in Summer 2020. Another trend is choosing to try luxury camping rather than their usual all-inclusive hotel. As a glamping business we’re passionate about being advocates for change to protect our planet and being as eco-conscious as we can.

Another great reason to glamp is to avoid the major disruptions to travel that have been at an all time high lately. Choosing a staycation is stress-less, fun and simple so you’ll get the very most out of your trip.

Uses less water and electricity

Due to the nature of glamping - be it in a bell tent or yurt, a treehouse or a shepherds hut - your gorgeous glampsite location is likely to be a little rural, so toilet and shower facilities will be built on site, and the majority of them will operate with as low impact to the environment as possible. 

The same is true for the electricity to power your lights and charging points in your tents. Many of them will be run on solar energy by solar panels such as these ones that we stock. This panel is compatible with the 100+ power pack to keep it topped up all weekend or longer if the sun is on your side. The power pack can be easily unplugged from this solar panel and carried to a mains source to top up the charge, but the solar panel is designed to trickle feed the power pack for longer, enabling phone and tablet charging, USB powered lights, and even a mains 240v socket for laptops and other larger devices. Another item to up your "closer to nature" experience are our tent pole lights. We’ve teamed up with a clean-green lighting company who produce these pole lights which are perfect for lighting up your Lotus Belle or bell tent. Fully charged lights will last up to 8 hours.

Cuts down on the transport costs and vehicle emissions

A traditional holiday abroad uses several forms of transport to reach the destination - usually a car, bus or train to the airport and then the same on the ground at the other end - making the CO2 impact huge. 

The beauty of luxury camping, especially in the same country as you live in, is that you’ll generally only make the one journey in one form of transport meaning that you could reach your end destination on one tank of fuel!

Make use of your biodegradable toiletries

Fans of all-natural, organic and biodegradable toiletries, this is for you! When you choose a luxury camping experience rather than staying in a hotel for your next holiday, you’re choosing to commit to the more ‘natural’ way of life. The water and electricity are as green as can be, then why not make the switch to using organic and chemical free toiletries whilst you’re away? (You may find you’re a total convert afterwards!) 

These products are designed to be less harmful to the environment and to our bodies. They’re made using natural, sustainable ingredients and are made to break down safely so that they cause little to no damage to our planet. Almost any product you could need has an eco friendly version- shampoo bars, deodorant, suntan lotion, and even toothpaste.

There’s a range of sustainable materials involved

We like tents and glamping cabins that are made out of sustainable materials that are kinder to the environment than traditional building materials. 

As part of our mission to rid the world of disposable tents we have chosen the highest quality materials, components and manufacturing processes. Your Lotus Belle tents are designed to last for years with good care and maintenance. We have clients who still have their first tents purchased from us, 10 years later and still going strong!

This together with the elegant design, giving maximum headroom, adds up to a highly desirable, flexible, portable and durable living space that you can enjoy over and over again and that, with care, can last a lifetime.

All the benefits of camping with the luxury of a hotel stay

The clue is in the name, ‘luxury camping’ is everything that you expect from a high-end hotel stay but instead of staying in a building with many others who can be loud and disturbing, you’ll be tucked away in a retreat of peace and tranquility. You’ll still get to enjoy the luxury sheets, the breakfast in bed and the quality check in service but you’ll be surrounded by nature.

If you want to create your own luxury glamping experience, have a look at our 5 meter tents here and drop us a line for any questions you may have.

And just think - no airport queues, connecting flights, mountains of paperwork - better for everyone to jump in the car and arrive at Lotus Belle luxury!

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