To Porch Or Not To Porch

By Hari Seddon Sep 06, 2023

In the world of glamping and outdoor adventures, finding the perfect combination of comfort and style can be quite the journey. That’s why it’s our mission to provide the most luxurious and memorable glamping experience possible.

After designing our iconic silhouette we asked ourselves how we could further enhance your luxury glamping experience in the most straightforward way — and we realised porches were the answer!

Porches are ideal extensions, not just for providing social space that isn’t where you sleep, but for offering protection from the elements as you’re coming and going. If it’s tipping it down, you don’t want to worry about it getting into the tent, and you also likely don't want your wet things in the tent either! Or perhaps it’s gloriously sunny (one can dream in the UK), and you need a little bit of shade.

We have two options, both designed with meticulous attention to detail. Both feature the same high quality 360gsm fire, water, and rot resistant canvas, and steel poles from our tents for maximum longevity. 

The Standard Porch is a simpler, narrower option. Featuring a sleek curved steel front pole, and the resilient canvas, it complements the aesthetics of any Lotus Belle tent. Whether you're enjoying a quiet sunrise, or just using it for storage space-  the Standard Porch is a simple extension of your space.

The X-Wide Porch is a wider option for those who demand a little more room. It’s certainly big enough to feel like a separate room! This porch is a better companion for larger Lotus Belle tents, as it follows the shape of the tent, and creates an open vista into the tent interior.

Both the Standard Porch and the X-Wide Porch have a seamless integration, through toggles above the doorway, and will work with all generations of Lotus Belle pole-based tents. Each porch comes with a nylon rain gutter, which prevents water ingress between the tent and porch when it is raining.

So, perhaps the question is not to porch or not to porch, but which porch! Please get in touch if you’d like to talk it through.

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