Spot us in the International Glamping Business Magazine!

By Hari Seddon May 11, 2022

Fellow glamping lovers a drumroll please… Our bell tents have been spotted on Glow Glamping’s site on the front cover of the International Glamping Business Magazine!

We have glampsite partners that pitch their tents in climates ranging from tropical heat in the Philippines and the desert in Texas to cold weather locations such as Japan and Norway - Proof that a Lotus Belle tent is perfect for all weather conditions!

High quality canvas for all climates

Our canvas is 360gsm pre coating and 380gsm after coating, in accordance with EU regulations for fire proofing, UV protection. Water resistance and rot resistance treatments are built in, which means your Lotus Belle tent is not only extremely luxurious, but is also made to last. It will come with everything you need to put it up, including the groundsheet, pegs, poles, guy ropes, and even a mallet.

Plenty of space for a mini festival!

There’s a 5”8 standing height across the whole footprint of the tent, which means that you can get dressed standing up, and the tent can be fitted with standard height beds and normal household furniture. Plus, it’s a great excuse to throw a mini festival in your tent - you’re on holiday after all!

If a festival vibe is the one you’re going for, like the Country Karma Retreat, then the Lotus Mahal tent is the right choice for you. The Mahal is highly flexible in how you set it up. The walls can be removed in sections to create varying open frontages, or form a unique open pavilion by just putting up the Mahal roof, which is perfect for larger events like weddings. Once packed down, the Mahal will fit in the back of a mini van or estate car and can be erected by two people in around one hour! This offers incredible scope for hire companies to be able to provide highly desirable event spaces with minimal crew and trucking costs.

Portable and compact

Your Lotus Belle tent will fold up and fit into a large hold-all bag that measures 120cm x 40cm x 40cm. So there's even room for your sleeping bag (and perhaps some clothes too if you're lucky). If you’re using a banana bag you may need to sacrifice one of your back seats.

Lotus Belle tents have a great ROI

We estimate the working life of a Lotus Belle to be around five years in a rentable condition, but we know of some sites who have had theirs for 10 years and are still going strong!

To maximise their lifespan, the tents will need to be cleaned and aired regularly, and put away when the canvas is completely dry. 

If something does happen (a small guest with something sharp creating havoc, anyone?), the good news is that it can be repaired easily if necessary. Lotus Belles are very rarely on eBay and easily fetch at least 50% of their retail value if you’re thinking of replacing your existing one. 

Nightly rental fee is around £70 - £120 per night so the tent can pay for itself in a matter of weeks and will yield an impressive ROI over its lifespan. We have lots of information on how Lotus Belle can work for you on our website if you’d like further reading.


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