An Interview with Thorséng Nature Retreat, Denmark

By Hari Seddon Nov 22, 2022

We recently sat down virtually with Rasmus from Thorséng Nature Retreat to talk about this luxury wellness camping site in Denmark. Nestled between the beach, holly plantation and the forest, Thorséng’s scenic surroundings in the South Funen Archipelago offer stunning views and an immersive natural glamping experience. Spearheading the concept of Wellness Glamping, the team continue to collaborate with talented local companies to offer those who visit Thorséng a unique, enriching stay.


How did the idea for your glampsite come about?

We believe that when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, the best place to go is into nature. So, we created a nature resort which focuses on wellness, to nurture the mind and body.


How long have you been running?

We opened in the summer of 2020, and have eight Lotus Belle tents so far.


What was your guest capacity starting out and what is it now?

When we first opened up, we had three Lotus Belle 5m Stargazer tents (sleeping up to 12 people in total) and six Tentsile Safari tree tents for accommodation (also sleeping up to 12 people in total). Now, we have eight Lotus Belle tents, so we can accommodate up to 44 guests at any one time.


What was your first season running like?

It was absolutely crazy!


What was the most important lesson you learned that season?

The importance of having tight systems in place for staff and visitors. We’ve learnt a lot since our first season and we’re confident our visitors have a luxurious stay with us - whether they’re relaxing in the Spa or going kayaking!

What is your advice for anyone starting out running a glampsite?

Be authentic. Think about what you want to achieve with your glampsite, assess the surroundings and feasibility and maintain your vision. But don’t be afraid to adapt and grow on the way.


What does your average day running the site look like?

Each day, our team is busy working to create the perfect stay for our guests. We have many activities for visitors to enjoy - such as kayaking or stand-up paddling alone or with experienced instructors. We can set up bonfires on the nearby beach (which Thorséng has a private path to), or firepits in the forest. The Spa and wellness sanctuary is very popular, and we offer sound baths, float spas and all the usual treatments you’d expect to find in a spa. Our Cafe Hygge has a wide selection of organic food and beverages from local producers.


Who’s on your team that makes you different?

We have a Michelin chef, a Royal Ballet dancer, a Cirque du Soleil artist, a Float therapist, a Holistic therapist, family


What’s the unique selling point of your site?

Nature is a healing element and everything we do and offer at Thorséng Nature Retreat follows this philosophy.


What's the most photographed spot on the site?

Definitely the sunset from the beach.


When you go glamping, what are your packing essentials?

We’ve got to pack swimming trunks or a swimsuit. The beach and the spa are hard to resist…


Are there any big dates/events coming up you want to draw attention to?

Winter glamping is a big attraction at Thorséng Nature Retreat, especially in the lead-up to Christmas.


Where’s your favourite part of the site?

It’s difficult to pick a favourite; Thorséng is situated amongst a variety of natural beauties.


And finally: Something you're excited about this season.

We’re so excited to be nominated as the foremost location for Business Retreats in the Nordic region. We hope you’ll visit us soon to see why!


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