How to Persuade a Reluctant Camper

By Hari Seddon Jun 13, 2023

The sun is out! Your Lotus Belle tent is in the car, but you’re struggling to convince your friend/sibling/partner to join you on a luxury camping trip. At Lotus Belle, we know a thing or two about the charm of glamping, so here’s our advice for persuading a reluctant camper.

Tell them about the comfort of glamping

Gone are the days when the only option for sleeping amidst nature is roughing it in a basic tent. Nowadays, the UK market offers a variety of glamping tents for nature lovers seeking to seamlessly integrate a stay in lavish accommodation with the natural surroundings. The spacious interiors of a Lotus Belle tent offer room for all the family or a capacious getaway for two. 

There’s a Lotus Belle to meet the needs of any camping group - use this handy tool to help you discern which luxury tent will suit you - and with each tent, you’ll find there’s plenty of headroom (no more sore backs from hunching over all weekend) and space for wet-weather or cooking gear storage. With a large, heavy-duty 360gsm (380gsm after coating) canvas, your reluctant camper won’t need to worry about a wet head or a pool of water puddling in the tent. 

Tempt them with chirping birds and dreamy stars

You might find that your friend will be enthused by the promise of birds softly chirping as their alarm clock, the sounds of animals scuttling around the outside of the Lotus Belle tent at dusk or the refreshing morning air… 

But if you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury glamping amidst nature to tempt them, a Lotus Belle stargazer tent should do the trick. These tents have all the features of a hybrid deluxe model with 360 degrees of transparent roof panels to gaze upon the stars. All you need to do is pack your telescope, some warm blankets and a flask of something hot and delicious!

Regale them with images of perfect pitch locations

We’ve all accidentally pitched up in a muddy bog which might be the reason your camping buddy is unenthusiastic. Impress them with scenic, breathtaking locations - you may even find there are some practically on your doorstep! Our favourite photos of Lotus Belle tents are those of our luxury tents nestled in a secluded forest, perched on a mountain slope or on the banks of a serene lake. Waking up to a captivating landscape? To us, that’s what luxury camping is all about.

Entice them with exciting activities 

Does your camping location offer experiential activities nearby? Perhaps guided hikes, wildlife safaris or kayaking are possible, or perhaps a spa retreat or hot air balloon ride is more your friend’s vibe. Research the local area before you book your glamping spot and pack up the car and get your friend involved in the planning so they can feel excited about their upcoming camping adventures. You may find that your glampsite has knowledgeable staff keen to curate an engaging itinerary for your stay, just give them a call before you turn up.

Talk to your friend about their reservations

If luxurious comfort, chirping birds, starry nights, scenic locations and adventure don’t tempt your friend, ask them what’s holding them back. As the keen camper yourself, there might be accessories you can pack or scenarios you can plan for to help make your friend’s stay all the more appealing!

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