Glowing Customer Testimonial

By Ben Igoe Oct 20, 2016

My Lotus Belle tent has changed my entire camping experience for life! I call it my 'canvas palace' and have been stopped in my tracks from complete strangers at weddings and festivals to compliment me on my stunning tent. It certainly is the Rolls Royce of all tents. 
To start with, you will not find a better company in terms of passion and enthusiasm for their product. Harriet could not have been more helpful to me with her heartfelt advice on which tent to choose for my lifestyle and budget. She went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the tent and confident assembling it. 
Once I bought my Lotus Belle, the next step was to do a practice session erecting the tent in my garden. 
Initially, I was rather intimidated at the thought of putting it up on my own and getting all the poles and lines in place. However, it was actually incredibly simple and the best investment I have made to date. 
For a tent of it's size (4m) it is astonishing that you can actually put it up single handedly! I have got it down to a fine art and can now do it in 40 minutes, including inflating my air bed. 
Again, by standers are flabbergasted, I can't recommend it enough, it is fantastic invention, it allows you to be totally self sufficient, which is so rare for a tent of its size.
Working at the festivals during the summer, I spend at least five or six weeks camping in the great outdoors. We had some phenomenal weather this summer, temperatures reaching the high 20's - 30's degree celsius and most nylon tent neighbours were complaining at ''how hot their tents were'', I was as cool as a cucumber.  We also had some tropical storms and a tornado with 50mph winds, my Lotus Belle didn't even flinch! 
I would 100% recommend 'Lotus Belle' as the only canvas tent you should invest in, it's stunning, it's easy to put up single handedly, the build quality is like non other, highest quality wood, canvas and tent pegs on the market, together with the impeccable service that Harriet provides with it. It is a no brainer, everyone should invest in a Lotus Belle tent, it certainly puts the 'glam' in camping. 

Lisa Kingston

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