5 Reasons Camping is Good for You

By Hari Seddon Sep 07, 2020

Image credit - @lotusbelle

Now, we know what you’re thinking, ‘of course the makers of Lotus Belle luxury canvas tents are going to say that camping is good for us’... But in all seriousness, whether you have a classic camping outback tent, a luxury tent or even an inflatable yurt (!), there are undeniable benefits of being in the great outdoors regardless of if it’s your back garden or a national park.

Mental health benefits

First up let’s talk about the effects camping can have on your mental health. With so much happening in the world, it can feel like a battle to get through the latest news bulletin. We talk a lot about how as a society we need to unplug more- and this is exactly an example of this. Going camping gives you undeniable distance from what’s going on in your life, simply by virtue of there’s only so many portable power banks you can carry with you! 

Giving yourself time away from screens improves your mental wellbeing, and reduced exposure to blue light has been proven to help improve your quality of sleep. Not to mention how nice it will be to not have to worry about #ZoomFace for a week!

While we’re on the subject of sleep, regular campers know that having the natural light of the sun and stars help influence a positive inner circadian rhythm, helping you regulate your sense of time in the day and sleep regularly! It’s not just the fresh air that knocks you out. Although we can’t deny that also helps.

Fresh air and beautiful natural vistas are genuinely nourishing for the soul. There’s something primal about it. Like the human body craves green spaces and slow sunsets. We challenge you to see a beautiful sunset while camping and *not* put it on instagram immediately!

For those of you worrying about being cold, there is such a thing as an insulated inner tent, and lots of wood burners are available for the camping market to make sure you’re toasty warm. Make sure you check that it’s compatible with your belle tent. You need a flue to ensure correct air flow.

You don’t have to ‘rough it’ with Luxury Tents 

We’re a luxury tent brand, it would be remiss for us to not mention this. First off, our tents don’t have a central pole, can be put up by one person and have standing height across the whole footprint of the tent. If you want a normal size bed and wardrobe in there, you can absolutely do that. Our ground sheets are waterproof and sealed so they won’t let water in even if you wake up to a waterlogged field- your sheepskin rug is safe.

Want a massage in your tent? We have space for that. There are luxury glamping sites with hot tubs and al fresco spa facilities, or invest in your own if you have space at home. Rid yourself of the mental image of the polyester nightmare tents of your childhood. Glamping is real and very, very comfortable. 

It’s good for the kids

Image credit - @portobellotents

Taking children camping is a great opportunity to wean them from screens and introduce them to nature and the ecosystems around them. An offline education is vital to help them understand the world around them and how it fits into their increasingly online life. Offer them a safe space where they can connect with you and just exist without the pressures of TikTok dances and Instagram stories. Actually, that goes for the adults in your life too! We’re not saying it will be all eye contact and squidgy hugs from day one, but you will get there.

Side note- If you have children, it’s worth investing in the best luxury tent you can get your hands on because not only will it last so much longer, (you truly do get what you pay for), you want something that is easy to pitch that they can help with, and you need something that has space as they grow and their needs change. 

On a more practical level, it’s also a real life opportunity to teach them about problem solving, from learning how to pitch the tent to writing a packing list, planning activities or just simply planning how many bags of marshmallows to buy for the campfire.

Food Tastes Different

Image credit - @LotusBelleUK

Maybe it’s all that fresh air and exercise (because whether you realise it or not, exercising will happen, even if it simply means walking a little further to the loo than usual), but the simplest menu will taste entirely different after a day outside. If you’ve been particularly active then it will be one of the most delicious things you’ve eaten in some time. We love a foil baked mushroom with blue cheese crumbles.

If you’re someone loathe to be away from their kitchen, there are a tremendous amount of camping friendly options to keep your culinary genius sharp. You can keep it simple with a campfire or you can take gas burners. Some truly ingenious inventions are out there for some very specific food requirements. As for those of you who have become proficient bread makers during lockdown, are you up for the challenge of baking with a campfire.

Real People

Camping is an option for all kinds of folks from all walks of life with all kinds of budgets. Trying your hand at camping gives you the chance to do some real social networking outside of your normal bubble. Who knows, that family two tents down who lend you a firelighter, they might become really good friends!

And if you don’t interact with your neighbours, the people watching is delightful. Absorb your fellow humans living at camping speed. Or if you don’t have neighbours, enjoy the peace and quiet that you just wouldn’t get in a luxury hotel break.

That’s another great thing about camping- even if you splurge on an expensive camping site, it can still be cheaper than some luxury hotels. Alternatively, if you’re camping in your garden it’s cheaper still, plus there’s less packing to be done.

And finally, if the above hasn’t convinced you, let us finish with one of the most persuasive sentences in the english language: the sound of rain on canvas.

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