Frontier Stove Tent Bundle

  • £245.00

  • Full stove kit with everything you need, including:
  • Frontier Stove
  • Tent flashing kit
  • Heat Mat
  • Spark arrestor
  • Stove bag
  • Green Hand Axe

The Frontier is a great stove for weekends away and light to moderate use in your tent. Its lightweight, at only 10kg including flue pipe its probably about as light as you'll get. And its easy to transport because all the flue pipe stores inside the burner, meaning you don't get sooty muck on everything else - made even easier when you get the full kit because it comes with a zip up carry bag for the stove.

We think its great because you don't have to chop up the logs really small to fit them in, which is a problem with many small bell tent burners.



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