5M Outback Deluxe

Two fully openable zipped mesh window layers with zipped canvas roll down blinds

Outback models include a velcro 'seal in' ground sheet

5m Outback Deluxe

Outback Deluxe models have two doors and two windows with zip open mesh layers for maximum airflow while keeping bugs out. They also include is a seal-in ground sheet to prevent insects crawling in. 

The outback features bigger air vents at the roof apex which create a circular convection current when the doors and windows are open, drawing excess heat up and out of the tent. 

The canvas material is waterproof yet breathable minimising condensation and staying cool inside when the sun is hot. The doors windows and blinds can be opened with the mesh layers zipped on to allow a wonderful through-flow of air which keeps the tent very comfortable inside.

This second doorway with the zip up mesh layer is great for keeping cool and could be used as a rear entrance into a toilet or kitchen area.

  • Our bespoke canvas [380 GSM fire, water and rot resistant] 
  • Seal in ‘bath tub’ style ground sheet [540 GSM PVC]
  • 3.3 meter wooden center pole
  • 2 zipped mesh (fly screen) windows with zipped canvas roll down blinds
  • 2 large zipped doorways with zipped mesh (fly screen) layer 
  • A zipped rectangular vent on the back wall & large roof vents
  • 18 square meters of useable standing space
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Box One - 125x35x40cm (38.3kg) : Box Two - 100x35x25cm (37kg)

What People Are Saying


Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough about this tent for festivalling


Wow what a tent!

By Hotbananas

Wow what a tent! Oh my gosh we were so excited when we ordered our tent, it certainly wasnt cheap so we had pretty high expectations. We weren't disappointed!

It is beautifully made, the canvas is thick and strong, all the parts are superb quality - like the wooden centre pole even has brushed aluminium joints with logos embossed in to them, and the pegs are just about the strongest I have ever come across in my life. They even put in a mallet for you!

Like the other reviews said, it is heavy, but you can split it up in to bags to make it portable and its so worth it when its up. I'd say not a good idea to try and drag across a big festival site on your own with the kids in tow, but you can definitely carry it from the car to a campsite pitch, or put it on a sack truck to pull about, and we can easily fit it in the boot of our car as they claim on the website.

The space inside is AMAZING. You can stand up in all of it, even my husband who is 6ft can stand up nearly all the way to the edges so all the space inside is usable. It's such a beautiful space to wake up in in the mornings, the way the roof swoops up in a curve is really calming.

All in all, we think its actually really good value for what it is, you get what you pay for, and this tent is going to last us a lifetime of joy. Thank you Lotus Belle!

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