4m Original

Two fully openable zipped PVC windows with zipped canvas roll down blinds

Clip up 'bathtub' style groundsheet is very quick to install and keeps water out

4m Original

Original models have one door and two PVC windows with canvas roll down blinds. 

The canvas material is waterproof yet breathable minimising condensation. It keeps in warmth at night but stays cool inside when the sun is hot. The windows and blinds can be fully opened to allow a good through-flow of air which keeps the tent very comfortable inside.

The groundsheet on this model is clip-up not seal-in which makes for quick assembly (great for rapid deployment of multiple tents).

  • Our bespoke canvas [380 GSM fire, water and rot resistant]
  • Clip up ‘bath tub’ style ground sheet [540 GSM PVC]
  • 3 meter wooden center pole
  • 2 zipped PVC windows with zipped canvas roll down blinds
  • Large zipped doorway
  • 12 square meters of useable standing space
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Box One - 110x35x40cm (30kg) : Box Two - 100x35x25cm (33kg)

What People Are Saying

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Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough about this tent for festivalling


Really lovely people

By Camilla Evans

Really lovely people. All packed into the car for me (was renting). The track down to the property is a bit bumpy, take a big car that can handle it.

I absolutely love it!

By Lily Sida-Murray

I have had this tent for 6 months and I absolutely love it! I always wanted a yurt and this is just as good but it is portable and it doesn't take aaages to put up and down again. Before this I had a standard bell tent but for me this is much much better because you can stand up all the way to the sides and you can sit inside and look out through the wide open door if it's rainy (my husband likes this too because he's very tall!). All round great product and I would highly recommend it - no leaks, really sturdy even when it's windy - well worth the money for a family, or a life-long festival / holiday tent - it's like having your own airbnb studio flat but you can take it anywhere and be surrounded by nature!

Finally we have our own lotus belle tent!

By Dodie Bridges

Finally we have our own lotus belle tent! First time we put it up it took less than half an hour and the instructions were excellent. It's first outing was as wedding night accommodation for my sister in law and her newly wedded husband and it was perfect! Well made, really easy to put up, and the most beautiful space to stay in. Can't recommend them highly enough!

These modern yurts are really nice

By Jasmin Yurt

These modern yurts are really nice, easy to build, spacious and relatively resistant. We just add two big storms in Tenerife, and we had only minor and repairable damages. We had guests staying in them and everybody was ok! People coming to our retreats definitely love the design and the beautiful deemed light coming through in the morning...


By Lori L Roberts

I bought this to leave up for the summer. The materials are premium. We fit in a double bed, table for 2 and a small dresser. Out the back door, we built a bathroom with toidy and shower. We bought the porch -love it -can leave the mesh front door open when it rains. Also bought blue/white patterned tent cover- jazzes it all up and, in our case protected the top from the mess that would have accumulated from the trees.

The pole light was a must-have for us. You will need to recharge it every couple of days if you use it lots.

Glad to hear they have added PVS windows on the new hybrid. People kept flooding the tent because they forgot to put the canvas windows down before they left! What I would really like to see is a way to prop the canvas exterior window shades out so that the rain wouldn't get in but would still let the air in or design a snap-on "awning".

To run power cords out, you have to run them through the zipper which then let in creepy crawlers. We may try to design some kind of rubber gasket in the canvas that plugs with a cork when not in use. If you run cords out but have a bug problem, you will need to run duct tape around the exterior of the cords where they meet the tent and replace when it rains.

Tip: We found this really cool light/fan combo to put above the bed that attached via a strong magnet through the tent! It runs on 4 D's but keeps you cool and you can see to read. Google: Coleman Zephyr LED Tent Light and Fan..

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