4m Hybrid Deluxe 'Lightweight' Tent Bundle

By popular demand we have made a lighter weight version of our most popular tent, the Hybrid Deluxe.

This is a camping bundle, not just the tent - so it includes tent, porch and banana bag (for a speedy getaway!) 

This tent is based on our 4m Hybrid Deluxe model tent (the all-singing-all-dancing model of Lotus Belle) so it has two doors, mesh layers on all doors and windows, PVC window layers, and a seal in bathtub style PVC groundsheet. 

We've added a little hood over each doorway, making it easier to fit the awning and keeping rain out of your doorway on the rear side of the tent. Also on these tents the roof and walls are all in one piece, so pitching time is a little reduced compared with our thicker canvas tents.

These lighter Hybrid Deluxe tents are designed for taking on holiday rather than leaving up full time - they're just as strong in the wind as our bigger tents, and just as waterproof, but the thinner canvas means they are not so suited to being left up all year round due to UV damage from sustained use. 

Although we call them lightweight, they're still pretty heavy - total weight is 50kg including the porch and banana bag.

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