Why Lotus Belle tents are the best investments for glampsites.

By Hari Seddon Jun 09, 2022

Make a return on your tent investment

When we reached out to our customers who purchased our first bell tents in 2012 to see how they were getting on, they’re still standing firm and looking good! The estimated lifespan of a Lotus Belle tent is approximately five years, but they can last longer when cared for properly - (We recommend The Canvas Cleaning Company). Ensuring that they’re aired and cleaned regularly secrues their longevity - The tent comes with a 1 year manufacturing guarantee to cover all parts and craftsmanship and a 2 year warranty to cover manufacturing and components.

If you'd like a more detailed breakdown of how you’ll gain a return on investment from your tent purchase, have a quick read of this blog. You’ll see how easy it is to get your original outlay back. However, if a full-priced Lotus Belle feels like a stretch whilst you’re finding your feet with your glamping business, you can sometimes get hold of one of our tents for sale second hand on eBay for 50% off. They are a very rare find, though. Why? Because they are just too good to part with, Read on!

Choosing the right tent for your business

Our tents range from a Lotus Air Bud,  which sleeps 2-3 adults, all the way up the other end of the scale with our Lotus Mahal tent. There really is a tent to suit every budget and every luxury camping site. To help you make your decision, try our free assessment tool on our website, which allows you to input all of your specific requirements and will generate the best option for your business.

We also sell a wide range of tent accessories to help your Lotus Belle be the very best that it can be. If you need new coconut matts, we’ve got you covered, if it’s tent solar panels you need to help keep your glampsite eco-friendly, we’ve got those too. Browse the full collection of accessories on our website.

Why a tented structure over a wooden structure?

A tented structure “Offers guests the ultimate outdoor experience without losing the luxury of your home“ says Crossover Lodge, and we couldn’t agree with them more.

When it comes to tent structures, a high quality canvas structured one is much better than a wooden one. Here’s why:

  • Spacious without losing the luxury feel. - Luxury camping in a tent doesn’t mean you’ll be lacking space, in fact glamping in a Lotus Belle tent is quite the opposite. You can put a full size double bed in even our smallest tent - the 4M Original which has a standing head room height of 3 meters. So, standing room comes as, well, standard. All of our tents come with a super-thick, heavy duty groundsheet, ensuring that the tent feels fully enclosed with a ‘proper’ floor.
  • Lotus Belle tents have a great return on investment. - As we’ve mentioned, when properly taken care of these tents will last you years! To read how you’ll make your money back on your tent investments, give this useful blog a read.
  • Our tents are compact and portable. - “Finally a ‘yurt’ that you can take camping” we hear you say. A Lotus Belle tent folds up and fits into a large hold-all that measures 120cm x 40cm x 40cm, so there's even room for your sleeping bag (and perhaps some clothes too if you're a savvy packer).

Further reading for tent-minded individuals:

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