Tips for Glamping this Summer

By Hari Seddon Apr 16, 2021

It’s been a long ol’ while since any of us were able to stay away from home, and those planning muscles could likely do with reminding of how they work! Here are our top tips for making sure your staycation is as comfortable as you’re intending!

For adventure and physically active staycations 

  1. Make sure your kit is ready to be brought out of hibernation. Check and condition your hiking boots, confirm your down jacket still fits and still zips, ensure any waterproofs are still living up to their name…. and charge your fancy GPS!
  2. If you’re hiring gear, email or call ahead and double check all the details about what you’re getting and how the items are cleaned between uses.
  3. Check everyone in your party has reusable water bottles and cutlery to reduce waste when you’re out and about.

For glamping with the kids

  1. Get the kids to pick their favourite toys and gadgets to fit in one backpack. If they’re old enough to carry it themselves, so much the better! Make it an adventure and stay firm on what doesn’t fit in the bag, doesn’t come.
  2. Prep the snack bars! Naturally it depends on how active you are all being and how long you’re away- but a liberal sprinkling these will be a blessing if you’ve got a hangry small person on your hands unexpectedly (or parent, to be honest!)
  3. Plan how you’ll get them engaging with nature. Younger kids may take to the glamping fun easily, but slightly older ones may need help to get the ball rolling.

Continued after this lovely picture from Glamping Meadows on Instagram.

For glamping with your partner

  1. Little luxuries will help add to the bubble of escapism. We haven’t seen a Lotus Belle that didn’t look incredible - but bringing personal things you both like will add a personal intimacy. It doesn’t have to be massage oil, it could be slippers to wear in the tent for a hotel vibe.
  2. Seasoned glampers will have their packing lists down. If it’s your first time glamping, it may seem more practical than romantic, but we suggest you compare packing lists to avoid doubling up.
  3. Have an activity pencilled for each day to break up the time. You don’t have to do it, but it avoids the ‘what shall we do?’, ‘I don’t know, what do you want to do?’. It can be going from a long hike, or walking to the other side of the glampsite to watch the cows.

For glamping solo

  1. Resist the temptation to cram your time with all the things! And at the same time, having something to do each day will help structure your time. 
  2. Be realistic with why you’re getting away. If it’s for rest and recuperation, perhaps taking your workout gear and trainers is not the best use of tracking space.
  3. Charge all your things, and take chargers/battery packs. Even if you’re planning on going screen-free, having a device readily available just in case is useful. Leave it turned off until you need it to help reduce temptation.

Ultimately, if you can carry it then you can pack it. Lotus Belle tents are incredibly spacious so you will have space for many things even if it rains the entire time! If you’re having a staycation in your Lotus Belle at home, check out our short blog of ideas here, and if it’s your first summer as an owner of a Lotus Belle, we have a useful blog to help start your interior planning.

Blow: another lovely picture from Glamping Meadows on Instagram.

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