Self-Isolation Week One - What We've Been Up To

By Hari Seddon Mar 27, 2020

This week at Lotus Belle. Home-schooling, coronavirus, camping and staying sane.

This week our inbox has suddenly gone very quiet. Glamping, U.K. wide is, like everything else in shut-down. We feel very lucky right now to have the space to be outside with the kids. A coronavirus summer is going to be hard on everyone, kids and adults alike. We’ve been experimenting with ways of keeping cabin fever at bay. Ok, so not all of them wholly successful, but hey, we’re keeping busy and having fun. 

Our bell tent yoga space 

This is one of the activities that worked out a little different to the image I think we had in our heads. Having the Outback tent up really helped. It was one of the first activities we did in it with the tent still empty; a lovely big space to move in. We imagined a peaceful scene, the sounds of nature in the background, the children quietly stretching, all of us feeling that yoga calm. HA! Mostly it was a two- year-old climbing over everyone and making us aware in no uncertain terms exactly how she felt about…well, everything!

‘Can you stretch your arms up high?’


‘Can you reach down to your toes?’


‘Can you be a cat?’


‘A cow?’


Ok, so we’re going to keep trying it. By the end of the session the youngest was having a bit of a stab at it, and the ten-year-old said he would do it again.

What worked:

Picking a few simple moves and sequences and having plenty of space between them for the kids to mess around a bit.

Focusing on the animal shapes like downward-dog and cat-cow and exploring them. These were the easiest to grasp and most fun. Spending some time playing at being the animal, and then doing the move. 

Also practising ninja-moves amongst the yoga.

What didn’t work:

Any attempts at structure. 


Magpie Treasure Hunt

Want a fun way for the kids to take charge of their own time and play? (i.e. time for a gin + tonic).

Magpie treasure hunt! Become a magpie and swoop around looking for treasure to line your magpie nest.

A magpie hunt is basically a treasure hunt but without the need to spend ages making clues, also it suits many ages. The kids forage for the items on the list and can basically conduct the whole activity solo. We made up one ourselves that would suit both indoors and outdoors, but obviously, you can design your own. (If you’d like to use ours, you’ll be able to find it on our Instagram). The only thing required is some kind of a prize and then they’re good to go. Once the hunt is completed, they can make the ‘nest’ by arranging the items and taking a photo.

Autodidact Project

It’s been tricky balancing work and home-schooling the kids, not going to lie. So sometimes the ten-year-old just needs to do his own thing. Enter the autodidact project. He has picked a subject he will explore – chickens (our most recent additions to the household). He’ll conduct his own research and create a guidebook for us. Brilliant! He’s already excited about the project. It really helps if they can pick the subject themselves and take charge of their own learning, with minor guidance. He’s been doing field research (lengthy periods sitting in the chicken coop) and making notes on the chickens. 

Next up is making a research wall where he can stick up his findings/information he’s found. The research wall is great because it provides a different way to interact with the information. It’s easier to see how much you’ve done and take pride in everything you’ve gathered. You can make links between the research and group common topics easily together. Also, it kind of makes you feel like a cool old-school detective. 

J is going to make guidebook, but a video presentation is another fun way to conclude the project.  

We’re hoping a project like this will also help him work on his own time-management. So far, the freedom to do the project himself on his own terms has had a really positive effect. 

We’ll keep you updated on what we’re up to without back garden glamping/tent-school project. Would love to hear how you’re all getting on too.

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