Lotus Belle features in THAT'S HOSPITALITY Magazine!

By Hari Seddon May 27, 2021

We were delighted to discover we are in the current edition of THAT’S HOSPITALITY Magazine. 

THM is a beautifully curated online bi-monthly magazine, which is focused on quality hospitality and fine foods. It looks glossy and gorgeous but it’s also packed full of industry updates, news, reviews, feature articles and more.

To be the feature of two double pages is quite the thing! And a wonderful example of how hospitality brands are becoming interested in alternative ways to make the best use of their space. Because Lotus Belle Tents are so spacious, they truly are the versatile and beautiful solution.

We saw demand increase to record levels in October 2020 and it has continued to be incredibly high, which is a wonderful feeling! Seeing our designs around the world really fills us with wonder and gratitude.

There’s an intersection of a few things that make us the best option whether you’re a hotel owner eyeing up your patio or a homeowner with a spacious garden. Our canvas is 360gsm and of the highest quality- and there is a lot of it in a Lotus Belle. It’s waterproof, fire resistant to EU standards, UV resist and rot resistant. With good care, your Lotus Belle will last for years. 

The majority of our tents can be erected by one person- and we also have a video of my 8 year old putting one up on his own in about 25 minutes! (We don’t include our marquee, the Lotus Mahal, in that because it really is quite a structure - have a look here to see what we mean!)

Possibly the most important factor that makes Lotus Belle Tents so attractive, particularly for hospitality brands outside of the glamping sector, is that there is standing room across the entire footprint of the tent. For every tent in the range! So you’re looking at a gorgeous space that doesn't just fit a full size double bed and wardrobe if you want it- but it’s also a potential private dining space, a home cinema, a spa, a private room for massage or medical needs, or a school or creche area. We’ve seen people use their Lotus Belles to teach yoga and meditation in, and extension of their home office… If you can think of something you’d need a room for, that’s where Lotus Belle can provide.

Thank you THAT’S HOSPITALITY for sharing such beautiful pictures from our collection and from our friends Les Vinyes, Shack and Pantry, Wild Hare Events, and Pony Wolf Picnics.

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