How to Make the Most out of the 2020 UK Summer of Staycation

By Hari Seddon Jul 07, 2020

The news we’ve all been waiting for! 

The government has announced the reopening of the hospitality sector, including hotels, campsites, caravans, pubs, and restaurants, from 4 July. Paired with the recent good weather, it’s no surprise that headlines are reporting unprecedented rushes to book accommodation and head off on a well needed break. 

In the Guardian on the 24th of June 2020, it was reported that ‘, a collection of 700 sites in the UK and Europe, 420 of them in England, saw an instant fourfold increase in bookings compared with before the announcement and reported bookings up 750% on the same time last year’. 

With this type of interest and what can only be described as a rocky start to the year for all campsite owners and glamping facilities, the question on everyone’s lips is how to ensure a brilliant remainder of the season?

With social distancing measures still in place and an increased need for cleaning, bathing and toilet facilities, it’s important to note that space is an obvious necessity to increase capacity this year. 


If you have the space, perhaps now is the perfect time to expand your offering? Your Lotus Belle will pay for itself in just one month at the average UK Glampsite, charging £120 per nightly rental. 

With a 14 day quarantine when returning to the UK still in place and people desperate to get away from the spaces they’ve been locked down in, 2020 is set to be the year of the UK staycation. 

Our range of tents provide the perfect addition to any Glamping site. Their sleek and aesthetically pleasing design adds to the atmosphere of any offering, while their unparalleled usable head-height space across the whole footprint of the tent makes for a uniquely comfortable Glamping experience for the whole family. 

Now let’s be honest, as excited as we are to get our glamp on, it is still the UK! While we’re optimistic about the weather this summer, we don’t have the best track record for unbroken blue skies all year round. 

But, we offer some extra accessories to make your Lotus Belle, the… belle of the ball! With insulated liners and easy fit flues for woodburners, there’s no reason you can’t be making up for a late opening this year by taking bookings into Autumn and beyond. 

Here’s our top picks to make the most out of yourGlampsite this summer.

The 6-meter Stargazer

Our 6-meter editions of the Lotus Belle sleep 8 people comfortably, but if you want to get something really special why not get a Stargazer model. With all the features of the hybrid model the Stargazer comes with a transparent roof, which means you can enjoy all the luxury of Lotus Belle whilst in view of the heavens.

This tent will be perfect for 'dark skies' regions and fans of astronomy and comes after many, many requests for a tent that is suitable for viewing the night sky.

The Stargazer has 360 degrees of transparent panels located around the roof canopy to give the best view of the sky with a clip up curtains to maintain privacy within.


Get £100 off the 6-meter Stargazer edition - use code HOLIDAYATHOME at the checkout

Image credit @moat_island_glamping_norfolk

Insulated lining

Right now an insulated lining is probably the last thing on your mind! However, combine one of these with a wood burner and you could extend your camping season pretty much indefinitely. With the additional interest in UK Glamping this year, it’s one way to share your incredible space with customers later into this year. 

Insulated linings are made from a thick quilted polyester that traps heat, like wearing a duvet inside your tent. They fit over the centre pole and clip around the wall poles hugging the interior shape.


Wood burners

We offer a range of woodburners from the smaller more portable Frontier to the more solid and sturdy Traveller stove, perfect for making your Lotus Belle a year round destination. 

We can provide you with everything you need, from flu pieces, a spark arrestor & flashing, as well as the stove itself. 

Check out the full range in the accessories section of our site here.


A Porch

We all know the feeling of trying to get your muddy, wet wellies and shoes off before you get in your tent. Add a porch to your Lotus Belle and make sure the inside remains an oasis of comfort, calm and cosiness.


We’ve got a range of other sizes available, from the quirky 2 man AirBud, right up to the giant Mahal. There’s something for every site, we promise!


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