How to add festive sparkle to your tent!

By Hari Seddon Dec 08, 2021

Fairy lights are your friend

If you’ve got one of the portable power kits you can plug the lights straight into that. Fairy lights don’t take up a lot of energy, so you should get a lot of usage out of them that way. Obviously in winter with all our cloudy days and long nights, it’s a little harder to get full charge on them from your solar panel alone so they might need top up charges during the day.

Some things to bear in mind:

First up, most modern fairy lights use LED bulbs so there shouldn’t be a problem with them heating up next to your canvas or air pole. Older style light bulbs can get hot so it’s probably best to keep those away from your canvas and poles.

Also, a beautifully lit up tent is a glorious thing, but it doesn’t hurt to be conscious of the effect all those lights can have on the immediate environment. Too much artificial lighting in a garden or field can really mess with your local wildlife. Birds (particularly robins) can get really confused and will sometimes start their dawn chorus hours off dawn. Owls hunting in the dark aren’t fans either. The light also disorientates nocturnal insects. Some bats avoid these areas of lights, while others will be drawn in by the insect feast. 

What to do? – dim solar powered lights are less likely to bother wildlife. Avoid coloured lights as these confuse and attract glow worms and instead go for warmer hues (warm white or the more yellow/golden tones). Or try and keep the majority of your lighting inside the tent rather than trying to light up the whole area too much.

Below are some examples of fairy lights put to good use by @coxhorne_glamping and @thelittlehippytentcompany

Some eco-friendly alternatives to tinsel

Ok so we try to avoid the traditional stuff – all that (often single use) plastic is an environmental disaster and particularly if you’re decorating outside – small pieces of it can get pulled off and end up getting into your field or garden. There’s loads of good environmentally friendly options these days – recycled paper, homemade fabric bunting/streamers. Some sprigs of evergreen foliage/pussy willow tied around your center pole amongst the fairy lights looks pretty special. Go au natural!

Turn up the heat

We stock many items that will help your Lotus Belle Tent look inviting and warm. Firstly the insulated lining, like a duvet for the inside of your tent! These are made from a thick quilted polyester that traps heat, like wearing a duvet inside your tent. They fit over the centre pole and clip around the wall poles hugging the interior shape. Combine this with a wood burner or stove like the The Frontier Plus Stove and your guests will be so cosy they won’t want to leave.

Festive bed linens & cosy items

Perhaps one of the simplest ways of festive-fying (totally a word) your Lotus Belle tent is to swap out the usual soft furnishings for brushed cotton bed sheets (patterned or plain), and add some Christmassy coloured throws, cushions & blankets. 

This will help your guests stay warm and cosy, and the wintery aesthetic will be spot on! If you really want to get major guest points, invest in a large fluffy rug to cover a large area of the flooring. This will keep in the heat, and give them something soft to scrunch their toes into when they get out of bed in the morning, as well as looking super luxurious.

This time of the year makes for great festive content, so don’t hold back on those photos and remember to tag us #LotusBelleTent.

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