By Alexandra Mulholland Mar 21, 2019

Long summer days and a myriad of extraordinary festivals aren’t far away now. Ok, so we’ve only just passed the Spring equinox but we want some fun and music in fields really soon. The Lotus Belle tents come into their own in festival land, a bit of glamping luxury for tired dancing feet and some glamping comfort and space for the kids driven crazy wild with festival excitement.


Here’s the festivals we will be kidding it up at this year (family-friendly and family-friendlyish) and the festivals we are putting on our wish list. 


TROPICAL PRESSURE FESTIVAL 12-14 July Porthtowan, Cornwall

This little beauty of a festival is held in an eco-park that looks out over the Cornish coast. Watching a band while behind the stage the sun sinks into the sea makes you feel as though you’ve stumbled into paradise. It’s small and gentle, celebrating the music of Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean. The kid’s area is fantastic and it’s about the most relaxing festival experience you can imagine, even with small children. We shall be there with bells on, pitching up a Lotus Belle tent under the Cornish sun. 


GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL 21-25 June, Worthy Farm

From one extreme to another. You can not describe Glastonbury as a relaxing festival experience with kids. But still, experience it is, an exhausting one but we just don’t seem able to say no to it. And whilst it is chaotic and crazy as hell, there is enough to keep the kids busy from dawn until whenever you are able to drag them to bed. From the Kidzfield to the Green Kids area plus hundreds of activities, workshops and fun in various shapes and sizes in the circus area and all through the green fields. If there’s one festival where we appreciate the glamping style of a Lotus Belle tent, that oasis of calm in the whirlwind then it’s certainly Glastonbury. 


GREENMAN 15-18 August, Brecon Beacons

This one is on the wish-list in a big way and everyone keeps telling us it’s the place to be with the kids. They have a wonderful kid’s area as well as an area for the teenagers too, packing full of workshops. Vibrant, creative, beautiful…we want to go!


BEAUTIFUL DAYS 16-18 August, Escot Park, Devon

Ok, so I don’t know how we can go to both Greenman and Beautiful Days but we really want to just be at both. Beautiful Days is exactly how it sounds. From the second you get on site everyone has got a big ol’ grin plastered on their face. It’s relaxed and friendly and there’s heaps to keep the kids happy. Love it!


SHAMBALA 22-25 August, Northamptonshire

It is impossible not to absolutely fall in love with Shambala. The music is great, the atmosphere is infectious, and the outfits…!!! They run a really lovely kid’s space, but actually the whole festival site is kid-friendly and magical. Whew! We are going to be super festivaled-out by the end of August, but Shambala is definitely worth one more go around a field with our trusty Lotus Belle. 

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