Fall in love with glamping!

By Hari Seddon Feb 08, 2022

Valentine’s Day is rolling around again and that is a prime opportunity for talking about our  love of glamping (again). If you are new to glamping, let us tell you why it’s your new favourite way to take a holiday!

Affordable luxury

Glamping is as the name suggests - ‘glamorous camping’, and we love everything that comes with that. It’s an affordable luxury holiday that also allows you to immerse yourself in nature and the outdoor living lifestyle. As for packing lists? No need! Just take yourself and your essentials - like you’re off to a luxury hotel, but you still get the unique experience of feeling like you’re in the wild... We like to think it’s camping but without the faff.

You already know that Lotus Belles feel spacious and airy, with plenty of standing room across the whole tent - meaning more room for activities! Want a massage in your tent? There is  space for that. Fancy hosting a yoga class? You can do that in a 6m Lotus Belle. Dreaming of a mini festival? The Lotus Mahal is plenty big enough! 

If you’re on the hunt for a luxury glamping site with hot tub and al fresco spa facilities, then you are likely to be very successful. The pandemic has given many glampsites time to upgrade their facilities and you get to reap the benefits!

Great for supporting a small business

When you go glamping you’re supporting a small business, instead of pouring your hard-earned money into a corporate hotel chain. The treatment you receive will be personal, heartfelt and genuine. You’re paying for not only the luxury tent, complete with all it’s own amenities, but also the experience that the glampsite owner provides you with. In exchange for a few nights in their luxury Lotus Belle tent, the owner receives the funds to invest back into their business, to pay their network of local suppliers, pay their staff, and generally support their local economies. It’s a win win!

Reconnect with nature

We fell in love with waking up nose-to-nose with nature and getting up close to nature without having to cram your car full of half of the contents of your house! (As is normal when staying in other accommodations.) 

Let your alarm clock be the sound of birds chirping at dawn, revel in listening to the wildlife scuttling around outside the tent and embrace staying on a farm and watching all the livestock being fed every morning - not to mention all that incredible fresh air. If you’re a city dweller that will be all the more noticeable for you.

Glamping is the perfect way to get away from your home environment without having to leave the country, which means not having to worry about the paperwork that international travel requires either! 

Another joy of luxury camping is that you will be staying somewhere where you have access to your own private space, instead of in a large building with loads of people passing through. Intimacy, privacy and space?! Yes please.

Learn some new skills

Glamping also enables you to find the escapism that your life is craving. Dipping into the outdoor lifestyle is a great way to entice the kids away from their tablets and  screens, and to encourage them to be curious and explore the world around them. You can teach them survival skills such as building a campfire, cooking on a campfire, wood whittling (careful, now) and deer spotting - or at least the ability to go on a long walk without complaining! All offering them a space to connect with you and feed their creativity.

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