Caring For Your Lotus Belle Tent

By Ben Igoe Oct 05, 2016

As the days draw in, beautiful Autumn arives here in the northern hemi-sphere.

This blast of dry days and sunshine we are enjoying is the perfect time to clean and thoroughly dry out your treasured Lotus Belle(s) ready for next season.

If your tent is dirty then rather than sending it to be professionally cleaned (approx £150) it's less expensive and kinder for your tent (and the environment) to do it yourself by hand.

Mud splatter - once the canvas is completely dry, most soiling can be easily brushed off. Any remaining marks can be removed. We have found that the best stuff to use is Ecover laundry liquid (as it doesn't damage the proofing in the canvas) with a micro fibre cloth. Just work away at stains and smears until they are gone.

Tree sap or Algae - There is no eco friendly answer that we have found, so our current best practise is to use a reputable weed killer, (Pathclear) etc and spray over the affected canvas. Wait ten minutes then rinse this off with a light hosing (do not pressure wash as this will blast the proofing from the canvas).

Mould - mix a solution of 1 part clove oil, available from most health food shops, with 3 parts water. Spray over the affected areas. You won't notice any difference but it will kill all the mould spores. Over time sunshine will bleach the mottled darkened patches away. Again, once dry, you can brush any residue off the material.