10 Staycation ideas for Glamping at home

By Hari Seddon Jan 14, 2021

While the majority of us are working from home, we must also remember that down time at home is important! While we’re navigating various lockdowns and tiers, the idea that the staycation is the new vacation is here to, well, stay!

There are some silver linings to glamping at home. For a start, it’s less time consuming (no need to travel!) and there is a massive reduction on the packing hassle. Investing in a long life tent like a Lotus Belle Tent is also a good money saver, not just in terms of the cost of the tent versus a hotel, but also a quality tent will last so much longer and give you more value for your investment.

A staycation in your garden also comes with all the benefits of being close to home, with indoor plumbing and your own loo being often cited as a perk! It’s also the best of both worlds- you get some time outside with some natural light and air, but you’re in good phone signal and you can connect to your own wifi network (not to mention have access to charging points for your devices!)

To maximise the ‘away from home’ feels, we’ve got a short and sweet list of staycation ideas for families and staycation ideas for couples.

1. Build a fire pit. Provided it’s safe to do so, and it doesn’t put anyone in your house at risk, this is a lovely focal point to have, as well as source of heat and prime marshmallow roasting technology.

2. S’mores. Speaking of marshmallow roasting, it’s a primal urge we all have to hold something edible in a flame. Check out this lovely recipe for S’mores and prepare for the sugar rush!

3. Back Garden Olympics. If you’ve got kids (or adults who are young at heart), a Back garden Olympics is the event that keeps on giving- and can help keep your small creatives busy! Once you’ve decided on your events (which can be anything from an egg and spoon race to how quickly you can eat 2 Weetabix biscuits with no liquid), you’ll ‘need’ score sheets and medals. We can’t help you if the competitors want to contest the judges scoring though!

4. Build the ultimate hotdog/campfire food. Get the hot dogs and buns in, and prepare to get creative. Caramelise some onions over the campfire (or BBQ), break out all those mustards you’ve got lurking at the back of the fridge, and prepare to feast!

5. Scavenger hunt. Prepare a list of items your participants could possibly find in your back garden, and award points by how quickly they find them! Having the house at your disposal allows you to add items from inside to the list, although we’re warning you now there’s be hoovering that wants doing after!

6. Cocktails in thermoses. Is there anything more elegant than a cocktail (or a simple G&T) in a thermos, by a campfire? It’s the right amount of rustic and grown up, we say.

7. Ghost stories. Put fresh batteries in the torch and dust off your best ghost stories to share around the circle. (Google will have some if you can’t remember any from the top of your head. And yes, retelling the plot of a scary movie is totally allowed as long as you do it justice.)

8. Outdoor movie theatre. With the ownership of a projector (which can range from very cheap and cheerful to very not cheap) you can project your favourite movie onto the side of your Lotus Belle Tent while you make a nest out of blankets on your bed. So cosy!

9. Campfire popcorn. If you’re not into S’mores, but still want to make something in the flames, this recipe for campfire popcorn is just the ticket. 

10. Campfire sing song. We only recommend doing this during the day or before, say, 8pm, so you don’t get the neighbours up in arms! All you need is someone who can play a guitar, or failing that, some Youtube karaoke videos for your favourite songs.

Have you got some great glamping at home ideas? Have you been using your Lotus Belle as a home office? Show us what you’ve been up to by using #LotusBelleTents or tagging us @LotusBelleTentsUk on Instagram!

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