10 of our favourite images shared of Lotus Belle this season

By Hari Seddon Oct 08, 2020

We absolutely ADORE seeing your tagged pictures. Lotus Belle tents are loved all over the world, and seeing them in so many different climates and set ups, with such variety in personal interior stylings… Well, suffice to say it gives this small team some very, very big feelings.

This picture in May from @youngadventures with all the snuggly furry textures and the sun coming through the trees, framed by the door flap… So cosy! We also liked the addition of the feet- a lot of the time we see gorgeous interiors but without the humans using them!

THESE CLOUDS. These clouds, and with this friendly looking doggo. What is not to love? Thanks to @tinyhousehyggely for this lovely shot.

We love the set up shared here by @Kathyprice333 who has probably the most serene looking back garden Lotus Belle we’ve ever seen. Proof that you have more space than you think back there! The set up process started a little sooner, but this shot from July was a real standout.

There’s something very magical about dusk falling and the fairy lights having a very special twilight twinkle to them. We think @lunabellecamp captured this feeling perfectly in July, thank you for sharing!

This magical trio of Lotus Belle was shared by one of our sibling accounts, @lotusbellezelte, in August. There’s something about the way the sunbeams are streaming through the trees, the atmosphere really looks other worldly.

Another ethereal capture in August, this one from @villa_velbehag. The stillness of the dawn with a tantalising sliver of the door open made this feel magical and very welcoming, like they were making us a pot of tea inside on the stove.

This stunner of a night sky picture was shared by @muuu_camp and the colour of that blue is intoxicating! We liked that although this is a night time shot, it still feels like the camp is very much awake and hustling, getting things done, perhaps preparing for the next days’ hike.

Our tents are so incredibly spacious and we love how this picture really conveys that! A winning combo of a wide angle lens, some beautiful furniture and the Stargazer ceiling. Shared by @les_vinyes in September. 

More fairy lights and we’re not even sorry. This one was particularly nice because not only could we be in a forest, we can see inside as well as having the deep night sky. Thanks to @oyamalake_lodge for this one.

We’re a sucker for a glowing Lotus belle tent, and this picture from @live.well.wild in September with those dramatic late sunset clouds in the background was one glorious picture.

Thank you to everyone who tags us in their photos and who uses #lotusbelletents on their posts. We look forward to seeing what you all get up to for winter!

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